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K36 Ancestral Report sections regional estimation

In this part you can check your population estimations.


  - nMonte3

  - Admix4

nMonte3 gives very detailed frequencies  of your recent ancestry, and works best for not very mixed persons. Also it detects subtle regional differences.

nMonte3 with function pen=0, shows better distant admixtures for more individuals, or deeper ancestry, sometimes too exaggerated, so I rather use standard nMonte3 in reports.

Big advantage of nMonte is possibility of making subsets of  populations in spreadsheet accroding to your real "paper trail" ancestry. This is so called targeted nMonte3 oracle.

Admix4 is different tool, similar to Gedmatch oracles, it compare your frequencies to the list of most similar averages (the same as nMonte single item distances) or model you as their combination (two-way, three-way or four-way). In some cases it is in line with combination of your real parents or grandparents ancestries.

Bear in mind that very closely related averages sometimes could show instead of your actual ones (i.e. Sw-England or FR_Britanny).
Also sometimes Jewish admixture could be masked by Sicilian or Greek Islander, or vice-versa.