Examples of reports, maps and oracles are available in my thread on Anthrogenica:


I advise to check recent posts which had most up to date results. Length of this thread and people reactions to results are best recommendation of validity of offered services.

Recently on 23&Me forum was started similar thread https://www.23andmeforums.com/discussion/14348/oracle-and-other-tools-for-eurogenes-k36


from review of genealogical bloger: I am very happy with the reports, and I am certainly not done with exploring the results. Remember that the reports are based only on Eurogenes K36 numbers. I am amazed that it is possible to get so much information out of so little!


Your K36 report helped me confirm the ancestry of my father's mother's father and their direct descendants that we were not certain about. It was a major genealogical brick wall for us, and your K36 report along with a lot of genealogical research, and DNA testing helped confirm how we have an ancestry from the Netherlands and Belgium going back centuries.

John N.

I have to admit I’m impressed, it looks perfect, by far the best one I’ve seen,



PCA is perfect compared with known ancestry. Thanks!!!



These reports are outstanding! Very nicely done and accurate for all five.



... Lukas does a wonderful job on his reports! So detailed and yet very readable, I love them!


Far more accurate then any commercial companies report I have ever received.